Advantage of Nano Liquid Diamond Coating Touchpanel:

1.Fortrend High Temperature ITO process produce reliable electrical resistance,

will not change through the usage time.

2.Total One Glass process, no OCA glue be used and there will not be delay bubble issue.

3.The Cell Process has the identical thickness as In/On Cell, but the strength

of the Glass plate is 3 times higher.

4.The Cell Process no need for secondary strengthen.

5.The glass plate surface to be nano-grade Liquid Diamond coated, acquires Five great functions.

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Superiority of Fortrend


Our process can handle any size, the larger the size the more competitive.

Our TP module, sell at the other manufacturer’s cost.

Our process simple, engineer or operator only needs two weeks training.

Years of production experiences, stable in quality, global 1st tier brand in use.


Self-developed unique material, raises yield rate and quality stability.

Our team persist developing new material, in raise yield rate and add value.

3.Equipment and Facilities

Our facilities cost is 1/7~1/10 of the others.

Self-developed dedicated facilities and unique material, create high yield rate.

Dynamic arrangement by production scale, our facilities can cope with different size of OGS production line and Liquid Diamond coating equipment.


FORTREND has complete Patent layout, protect the legal right of partner.

Nano Coating Projected Capacitive Turnkey

1.Patent Authorization :

Fortrend own unique OGS structure and process of major countries, there will be no Intellectual Property Rights issue.

2.Facility Investment :

Only 1 / 10th of traditional process, quick investment recover.

3.Persist developing :

Fortrend with high standard R&D capability, keep on new tech, new product, new material and new equipment research, let the follower and copy cat can’t reach our steps.

4.Technical guidance :

We keep on offering newly development to partners, training personnel and even co-develop R&D center, to grow with our partners.

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