Feature of Product
The Liquid Diamond irritated by UV light will produce ( OH-) ion which effectively destroy membrane of germs, solidities virus and decomposed the germ into CO2、 H2O etc, the ability of anti-bacteria up to 99.99 %. And can decompose the odor.

2. Filtrate UV and Blue ray
Liquid Diamond absorbs UV and blue ray, reduce the UV or blue ray pass through, protect the user’s eye even in long time of reading the devices.

3. Anti-scratch

The hardness of Liquid Diamond up to 9H, avoid scratch by knife or scissors.

4. Anti-pollutant and self cleaning
The ability of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic, recognized as none chemical detergent, by the (OH-) ion in dissolve hydride product, sulfide and grease. Not only easy to clean but also self cleaning. Water droplet and fog not easy to stay on the surface.

5. Anti-Electromagnetic wave

Liquid Diamond has a high photo transfer rate, absorb the electromagnetic wave and protect the user’s health.

Nano Liquid Diamond Coating applied to substrates

※Nano Liquid Diamond Can be Coated on the Surface of any Substrate

Feature of Product

Applications of Liquid Diamond

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