3C & Home appliance :
ITE、Computer (Monitor、Keyboard、Mouse)、Mobile phone、tablet PC、NB 、AIO、LCD TV panel、refrigerator (Cabinet、partition)、Wash machine roller、Dryer machine roller、Audio outfit

Home electrical appliance :
Air cleaner filter、Air Conditioning (Condenser、Fan & filter)、Dehumidifiers aluminum Heatsink、Fan blade & net、Microwave oven interior、Dish washer interior、kitchen drain ( exterior and pipe )

Home furniture :
Light bulbs、Lampshade exterior、Light tube exterior、Flash light lens、Water filter net、Crisper interior and exterior、stair handrail

Bathroom :
Bath tub interior、toilet、handles、tiles

Architecture material:
Noise wall、tunnel wall、outfit of house wall、glass plate、glass curtain

Traffic signal :
Street light cap、Traffic signal light cap、walker light cap、Road sign plate

Medical :
Mask、glove、operation utensil、germ free coat

Temporary applications :
Operation room、bus、public environment

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