1.Fortrend touchscreen used high temperature ITO process produce reliable electrical resistance,

will not change through the usage time.Touchscreen/Touchpanel/Touch screen/Touch panel.

2.Total One Glass process, no OCA glue be used and there will not be delay bubble issue.

3.The Cell Process has the identical thickness as In/On Cell, but the strength

of the Glass plate is 3 times higher.

4.The Cell Process no need for secondary strengthen.

5.The glass plate surface to be nano-grade Liquid Diamond coated, acquires Five great functions.

Features and Applications of the Liquid Diamond

※Touch Panel Size : 5"~32"

※ Quantity : 1-100,000pcs

※ Customer Designable

※ Support Windows7/8/10、Linux and Android.

※Meet IPC and CE Approved.
※ Price and Specification by Request

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