BM Ink:
FORTREND has developed the high temperature resistant material to be able to bear with >450 degrees during ITO sputtering and not result in carbonized & peeling.


Insulator Material:
The insulator material is self-developed unique material, raises yield rate and quality stability.

Nano Liquid Diamond Coating Material:
The Liquid Diamond is a unique material developed by Fortrend Scientific, can apply to any base material, cured by high temperature, the crystal phase is similar to diamond, the surface hardness is also likewise, permanently attached to the base plate. The Liquid Diamond has the nature of anti-germ / hazardous material decomposition / Air cleaning, anti-haze / Deodorant, Anti-pollutant / Self cleaning / easy cleaning / anti-mist, Electrical wave reducing, anti-blue ray & UV, anti scratch characters etc.


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